Saturday, June 14, 2008

Surprise Day Trip

I call it a surprise trip because...
Well I went for a day trip on Mon. I did not know where I was heading to and all I knew was some visiting to tiger beer brewery and no idea about the rest. Woke up damn early for that though at 6am.

Surprisingly the first destination was....

The Goats' Farm

We watched some people milking goats as a guy explaining how many breasts a goat has.

Then the 2nd place was Tiger Brewery and I knew this cause it was the most interesting place.

Chee Cho , me and ShiQing

Talking about chee cho, the funny thing is he asked "You here for cca points??"

Lastly we went to Micron. Okay it is a microchip production company I think. And I don't really care. We spent a few hours there doing uhm... going around I think. And did not take any photos cause I didn't feel like. As a conclusion, I'm looking forward for my 3 leadership points we've learnt new things and gathered useful information throughout the trip. And will upload the group photos.